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Key Considerations When Purchasing a Tax Depreciation Schedule

When it comes to improving the bottom line, a business venture has many avenues. However, tax is the last thing most business owners think of when considering savings and profits. Notably, tax has everything to do with savings if you claim refunds by depreciating your assets. That said, a company can only claim a refund once they prepare and submit a tax depreciation

Accounting for Sole Traders: 4 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Small Business Accounting

Solopreneurship is one of the most fulfilling paths that you can take. Whether you've decided to work for yourself or are just getting started with your small business, being a sole trader comes with a lot of freedom. Additionally, there are no employees, and this means you don't need additional expenses such as salaries and employee insurance. However, the freedom th

Debt Collection Tips to Prevent Bad Debts in Your Business

Are you tired of writing off bad debts every financial year? Large amounts of unrecoverable debts can hurt your financial position, cause cash flow problems and make it hard for your business to meet its financial obligations. Therefore, it's essential to come up with an effective debt collection strategy that will reduce bad debts while preserving the good relationsh

Do you have sufficient public liability insurance?

If your business interacts with the public in any way, then you need to make sure your public liability insurance is in order. While public liability insurance may not be a legal requirement in every case, it would normally be foolish not to have any. In many cases, you will find your business activities severely restricted if you do not carry the correct insurance. &